Who wants to sell CLYW?


What up yye heads?! I know most people hold onto these but I am looking for some classic clyw yo-yos hopefully in jackrabbit, ashberry, berry berry, maiderade, northern lights but ill check anything out, no particular order:

Gnarwhal 1 or 2
Puffin 1
Glacier Express

I would pay or trade a few throws I have Id possibly be willing to part with include:

YYF Cypher (Golden galaxy)….tiny bit of vibe that can be tuned out
YYF Too Hot (Golden Galaxy) mint
YYF Horizon (Galaxy) mint
OD 2013 Benchmark H (Gold) mint
CLYW Yeti purp mint
OD Cafe Racer black a couple scuffs and dents. no vibe
YYF Genesis older version it is a seafoam ish color with darker sea foam splatter some dents and scratches, no vibe.
YYF Popstar gold no vibe small surface scratches in certain light.ctx bearing
c3 token black and blue acid dented and scratched up but no vibe
yyf replays in any color
diffusion 2 neon yellow mint
ash berry orca fools gold mint (prob not happening but i put it up here :wink:

(system) #4