Who wants to buy the Speeder 2?

also if you have this yoyo already do u like it?

me good freind bought the first official one. we had the co-owner of yyj come to our meet.

Want it sooooo bad!!!

Like to check it out. Looks cool!!!

how come a lot of people voted ‘no way in heck’ ? this looks like a cool yoyo! i would very much like to try it

I think it’s nice but im just not a fan of the shape.

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Im going to get it…just not right now… maybe next month…gotta wait to get paid lol

As someone new to this whole thing, it doesn’t make sense to spend on this.

Now, if I had some inexpensive yoyo and hadn’t already purchased a Dark Magic II as a step-up, that might be a different story. I feel it would be a better utilization of my time and resources to just get my basics down first for the time being.

The yoyo does look fantastic and I DO want to purchase one. Maybe I will after I get paid this weekend in a moment of weakness. I have a couple of other items I want to purchase as well so who knows!

I want to get it but can’t buy it for awhile it takes nine weeks or about two months the get 45 dollars because i am a 13 year old kid and can’t earn a lot of money fast. I might get it but i might want to get something else.

^^ I’m a 28 year old grown-up and I can’t afford it either.

I loved the original Speeder - so this is something I’ll work towards getting in the future.

so is the yoyo nice and worth the money or is it not what you expected and didnt like it?

i loved it

alright did anybody else like or hate this yoyo

I was unsure whether or not to buy this or the Destiny at ECC. I chose the Destiny in the end. I wish I could have tried the Speeder 2 though.

My noobish $0.02:

I got mine, along with the signed Hiroyuki card, and I really like it. I only have two other yoyos to compare it to - the Superstar and 888x. The Speeder 2 has the narrowest gap and is the most responsive of the three, it also has the thinnest width. It’s a good deal bigger (diameter) than the 888x and is just slightly smaller than the Superstar. It feels great in the hand and just looks cool. I’m still a noob, but to me the Speeder 2 plays better than my other two yoyos. This may be due to it’s smaller gap. I have a hard time doing sky binds with my YYF yoyos, but with the Speeder 2 I get them down consistently.

I liked the first one so I’ll probley get this one. I just don’t want it in pink.

They should have some more color options.