Who wants a "free" Freehand to get you on your way in 5A?

jumps in enthusiastically ears perked and tail wagging


Heyo!!! ^ ^

So I was going through some of my collection, and I noticed I had an extra freehand 2 and CW that I was not putting to use. I know that there are some players out there who want to try their hand at 5A, but maybe didn’t have a proper counterweight and/or good plastic yoyo (incase of not dinging up a metal) to work with.

So, with that said, I decided that I will give away, absolutely free, a very much new Black Duncan Freehand 2 with counterweight away! ^ ^

But, this wuffy can’t give give it away to some random person, so with that said, I decided to have a bit of fun in how I will be giving this away. To keep things simple and fun, I’m holding a bit of a fun game in our own YoyoExpert Chat Room!

How its going to work: Tomorrow night (that’s tuesday February 26th) at approx 7 pm PST (10 pm EST, etc), I will be in the chat room along with hopefully numerous others.
The game is simple, a guessing game (don’t worry, it will be quite easy for the sake of fun! ^ ^) First person to answer correctly gets a point, first person with 5 correct guesses (points) wins the freehand! Simple enough right?

So with that said, where is the chatroom?
Look above in that little menu bar at the top of the window, see where it says home, and right next to it it says chat? Thats it right there, or, for the sake of ease:

Hope so! wuff!

So, with that said, be ready! And hope to see many participating in this fun little giveaway!

Talk to you all later!


^ ^



Ha ha! I would absolutely love to play with a freehand yoyo! I’ll do my best to be there, I think the evening’s open! Totally cool idea. Thanks for your generosity, hope I can be quick :wink:

Just getting back to the yoyo scene after 15 or so years, I remember being frustrated with my little cheapies. My little buddies and I thought we were hot stuff if we could do 10 ‘around the worlds.’ Ha ha, we were cool we thought. How it has changed since then.

Wow, Haru! Really, really cool that you’re doing that for someone new to 5a. Maybe they’ll be the next big 5a-er! Again, really nice of you, man.

Jayyo, this is very cool of you.

YOu are truely awesome!

One of the perks that no other hobby could provide :slight_smile:


Good Haru. Good idea, very generous ;D

You have an army? We have a jayyo!

Who is Jayyo? ???

Anyways, get there a bit early to be sure you dont get left behind!

That is exactly how i was when i first started out!


Who won?


Who won? I couldn’t attend, I was testing for my red belt in TaeKwonDo. But hey, at least I passed my yet :slight_smile:

Forgot I had to be at some dear old ladies house that night! I tried to play during a game of Domino’s and their terrible WiFi! Oh stink.
It was fun to try HaroW, thanks for the game :slight_smile: