who used the yoyofactor 2009 G5 as their first metal(pre-pro or regular)

The 2009 G5 pre pro was my first metal that i learned all my tricks that i can do now on and was wondering how many others did? Granted now my G5 is beaten to Hades and back…twice…and is still working for me (now it has some wobble that’s only noticeable when your spinning it slowly on the stacks) but i still keep it just cause it has special value in my heart. So my questions are, did anyone else start their metal collection with the 09 G5 and if not, what was your first metal?

i really want a g5 but not there yet but my first and only metal is a duncan medal drifter

Thanks for replying :D. I’m about to get a Metal Drifter, how do they play?..and whata you mean by “not there yet”…they are truly an amazing metal to have, anytime i want a yo-yo to practice on i go to that one cause it just has such long spins. i found(and am trading a superstar for) an 07 g5 on the forums here. ill tell you how it plays when i get it.

i wwant a 2010 g5 but i always find something else to buy always/ my first metal was a maverick that is now mint after it has been all satined and polished, siliconed and new bearing

how does that play, i have someone offering me a satined dash for yyf pgm n was not sure about the trade

my 2010 G5 was my first serious high end metal. i love it. now it has sattined rims and dings everywhere but i love that little booger. glad to see the G5 is getting reconigtion and not just being bashed on.

lol actually not sure my freind was doing all this modding to it and im getting it tommorow

thank you, that is a yo-yo that can take a hit. ive never had it spit apart on me, or anything like that, n i love it

im don’t get much money and im not that good i just don’t think i need one yet but the drifter isn’t anything that good its a fun thing to have in your pocket but i would have something else with it

The G5 is sure an awesome yoyo, one of my long favorite.
I have two, the early silver one and a 2010 edition.

i keep hearing alot about the 2010 g5s. are they really that great?

in some ways… Yes.
The 2010 G5 is an awesome yoyo, the most stable G5 to date I think. Feels a bit heavier tough.
But I like my 2007 G5 better, it feel lighter and faster. Bit less stable though.

But I do like lighter throws.

If you considering about getting a G5, go for it. It would less likely disappoint you.

My first metal was actually a YYF Tactic.

G5’s are nice. I currently have a 2007 G5 555 edition, and I have to say, it’s my top 1 or 2 player. I love it

I think thats the one im getting, n i cant wait to try it n compair to my 09 g5

ok so today i just got my 07 G5 555.n i love it already. it plays great, im so happy with it. does anyone else have this yo-yo

I didnt start my metal collection with a 09 g5 but, I did start it with a Hspin Gorylla 411.

I’ve never used an H spin. i was about to get an envy 64 on ebay but at the veeerrrry last minute was out bid :-\

Who was the seller, it might have been me!!

im really not sure to tell you the truth. it was about 3 or 4 years back lol

My bad I sold one about a month ago. :smiley: