who made it to the 1A Finals?



Not Yuuki. Eagerly awaits for the complaining

But I will respond to that by saying this: Yuuki screwed up in his prelims, but it doesn’t mean he’s bad. You guys have to realize that the competition this year is very very heated… If anybody watched the prelims with a truly open mind, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Some very very good competition.

Alot, Augie, Yuuki, and Tyler didn’t make it though. :-\

Its funny how some of the best in the world didn’t make it. Seems like the rest of us are stepping up our game and they didn’t.

Honestly, it was because the YYF team was going for broke. They were taking huge risks and playing with an astounding swagger and aggressive style. The guys who made it didn’t really put on a GREAT show, but they had very clean tricks. Sometimes having a unique style isn’t enough, you have to get the points too.

Isn’t the Only YYF 1A player that is in the Finals Ando?

I think that’s true.

I found out that John isn’t competing! :frowning:

What? Ando didn’t compete in the prelims because since he won last year (or some other major contest) he was seeded into the finals.

Its true.

Just found out, Ando is not competing to defend the title.
Told to us by Greg Cohen himself.


Wow. What a turn of events.

You go for broke in the finals. Not the prelims. Oh well maybe someone else will beat Mickey this year.


Oh yea!

Midwest Thrower are awesome, AKA John Narum, Ian Johnson, Alex Berenguel.

John Narum could quite possibly be the 4A World Champion this year.

you all forgot vashek

there is another guy for europe i dont know his name