Who Likes the New Background for the Website?

I LOVE the awesome new site! a while ago i got the new sticker i was wonderin what it was about

I like the new site but I do miss the old one a bit, but I suppose it’s out with the old and in with the new. :slight_smile:

So who likes the new background for the website if you like just say like and post!

oops wasnt a new background but a newer version of the website i guess hahaha well thats a FAIL.

epic, except for the DM

I dunno the arms in the backround are a bit too hairy for my taste…

I kinda want to pet them

Pretty Awesome

It’s pretty dang sick! But as bunsoy1 said, the arms in the background are a bit too hairy for my taste. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are probably Andre’s arms and are manly and sexy as ever. :wink:

YoYoExpert has now entered Beast mode! ;D I love it!

The new background is pretty beast !!! ;D

I like the new background and logo. But… I would really love for the logo on the top left hand side to be a link to the homepage since it’s out of habit for me and correct me if i’m wrong, its a navigation design norm to have it that way?

they were slowly changing it. the over all feel of the website is awesome :slight_smile: the person who did the coding is awesome. the artistic design is really cool. great job YYE

I was kinda.
wow, theres goes nothing and sudenly there is something new.
i like the new logo, truly simple and amazing.

I prefer this new layout… I like the way it all looks. I really like the new logo.

yeah me too it looks really cool

I like it lots ;D


Definitely a step in the right direction. Very slick and modernized.