Who likes patches?

I might be the only one, but I like patches.

I know a couple companies have made patches in the past, but I was hoping maybe you guys could help me fill out my list.

So far I have:
(Company - What’s on the patch)

Oh Yes Yo - Oh Yes Yo
Recess - Recess
CLYW - Backpack, The Scout
Duncan - Duncan

Brandon sent me areal nice huge Duncan yoyo player patch a few years ago. patches were all the rage in the 50’s and 60’s. Always wanted one of those nice duncan sweaters.

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I didn’t know there were Duncan patches, that’s cool!

Now I could be wrong but I think Duncan kinda invented the whole patch thing. Better ask Steve to be sure.

Love me some patches. You can get Duncan patches on eBay for fairly cheap. While browsing eBay I also found this patch http://imgur.com/6duNHRZ, it’s not a yo-yo patch, it’s a military patch and it stands for You’re On Your Own but I still like it a lot and it could be interpreted however!

Spintastics used to have patches for completing tricks in sets of 8 in increasing difficulty. Wonder if you can still earn those?

The top throwers here: http://www.ta0.com/forum/index.php?wwwRedirect make up their own sets of tricks to complete for a patch of their own design. Then members who complete all the tricks, put the “patch” in their sigs. Just check out some of the posts. I believe many of them have actual patches made.

Morgoroth, if you really like patches, pick up a top, and start picking up patches!

If you like patches, then airsoft is a great hobby for you! :wink: People spend more time and money on their gear and patches then their MOCK guns and skills.

Tops are cooler! ;D

Here’s the sig from the guy who runs the site:http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x274/EightPlus/Skilltoys/Top%20Patches.jpg

He was the world champ in 2015, BTW

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Haha, you and Kevin tryina get me into tops! :slight_smile:

I want to try it, but I just don’t know where I could spin a top and not break something.

When I 5a it’s bad.

Correct. Duncan started making award patches in the early 1930s. Eric Wolff has the most complete collection of yoyo patches I’ve ever seen, he can chime in with that he believes is the oldest.

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Does anyone still do award patches?

Lol, I decided to check on the Spintastics patches. Web site sent me to Science of Spin site. Clicked on “Award Program”, and it said “coming soon”. At the bottom it said “Click here for Spin Top Award Application”, this is what I got:


Apparently you have to perform the tricks in front of an “Authorized Instructor”! Now you just need to buy a Spintastics (not such a bad thing), find an Authorized Instructor, find or make a padded room (outside?), and start earning those patches! ;D

Yeah brother do I like patches…my favorite is from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 world title patches…sweet! Been wanting some of those 44clash patches or a nice Draupnir patch from Asian Pacific 2016? Got a vest I sew mine on…nice cotton sweater vest…

Haha, I’ll start with the padded room.