Who is your favorite yoyoer of the new world champions?

This poll is to see who is the world champion by how many people like them. Just know that this is not official or anything. This poll will be up for 10 days, only after those 10 days, can you see the results.

I think Janos is going to win by a landslide because his division is the most popular.

I voted Takeshi. Can’t nobody even tough that kid!

Really, me too. Takeshi is amazing. I wonder how long it will take for somebody to beat him at worlds.

I woted for Hank, because he is awesome as person.

Yeah, it isn’t really fair to everyone else. Not to mention, his freestyle was legendary.

I don’t think I am going to vote, because each person is so different in what they do.

Good point. But, of the people who have voted, I know of three who have not voted for Janos. I voted for Takeshi myself.

Luis Enrique. Never heard of him before the contest, but glad he at least placed. I like Paul’s freestyle more but I have heard of him for a few years.

People always forget about Takuma. Takeshi may have the most world titles, but Takuma is never far behind Takeshi. There was only a .2 point difference between them in 2012.

Takuma will have his day.

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Sean Perez
Came in sixth for 4A but he is so happy

Hank killed it again this year!

I voted takeshi as well. He is soooo good!

I am happy to say, in advance, that Janos Karancz is not running away with it. In the poll, he is currently in second place. The leader is 2 points ahead of him. He is only 4 points ahead of the third place. See if you can guess who is number 1 and 3.

#1 takeshi

#3 hank

Why are you happy about that? He is an amazing yoyoer, and he would deserve to be running away with it. I am going to vote for Janos now.

I voted Takeshi.

I agree with that^

I am happy that he is placed high in the polls. It’s just that everybody expected Janos to run away with it. But, people do seem to like other styles than 1A. He is big, sure, but he is definitely not the best in my opinion. I think Takeshi deserves to win in this poll because he has been so consistent in winning at Worlds (last 4 years).

Mike Nak without a doubt, I love that guy.

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Tyler is one if my favorites hands down

Takeshi. That dude almost got a perfect score!