Who is the best youtuber?

Who is the best youtube?

Did you mean Ben Conde?(Who gets that joke?)
(P.s. It’s not Ben It’s Pewds!!!)

Logan Paul. Kappa.

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Do you actually think its Logan Paul?

Also not to be rude but it’s totally Pewdiepie. I mean he has 65+ mill subs! Even although Markiplier is funny to Pewds is still way better!

(P.s. Ninja has ligma. Ligma b… IJK I’m not going to make that joke and Pewdiepie already Meme Reviewed that meme so it’s dead.

:clap::clap:Meme Review

kappa means “just kidding”.

I’m not sure who’s the best. I’ve been really liking the channel called “jubilee” as well as “daily dose of internet” recently.

If you’re talking gaming, I do definitely like both markiplier and pewds