Who is Paul Escolar?

who exactly is he?..

is he awesome?.. haha :smiley:

Search him up on YouTube next time, but…

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I talked to Paul at DXL, and he said he is the one who Yin is interviewing.

mother of god.
it could be argued that no progressive modern player has been more innovative/inspirational than him.
awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it. red clover, pure 143, kamikaze, white buddha, yellow airplanes, pink hippo, poodlin, GREEN TRIANGLE… not to mention all of the cross-pollination beween guys like he and spencer berry, and the rest of the spindox.

without even knowing he existed, if you’re a yo-yo player… you owe him something.


Woo go Paul!

ohh coool, so i guess ill have more of an idea of who ill see tomorrow ;]

The godfather of modern Single A.

Don’t forget Magic Drop…


I agree with Nathan.

Paul is a yummy Rice ball that will burn you. Rice burn. :slight_smile:

Also he is a rather poodle that is quite the artististic fellow.

Good guy and godfather of 1a. One of the god fathers anyways.


i met him today ;]

hes pretty raw
and quite funny:]