who is in CYYC battle???

Anyone want to do a 1a video battle? Any experience level is fine. (preferably over 2 years though)

We can discuss rules if anyone accepts :slight_smile:

who is competing

I am but why did you delete your last thread?

and are we allowed to edit slides in?

so is it still on? cuz i’ve posted here on yye and i dont know the site to post it in

i didnt delete it idk what happened to it

I found out icthus merged it with this one


it has to be one solid video of yoyoing but you can edit in slides at the begining and end . nowhere in the middle

why did he merge it ??? its nott even mine???

I dont know… why dont you ask him?
and one more question… can we plz edit in music ;D

your music has to be playing while you are yoyoing in the video or it will not be submitted

K so we just post it here? in this thread? and then plz leave a link to the other site we have to submit it to…

submit it in the video spot on yoyo expert and label it CYYC battle and your name this is the link
  make your own account too

i’ve posted my one yye but im just waiting for an admin to approve my account on CYYC’s forms

Why can’t there be one thread for all this battle stuff? I’m merging this one too.

these are two separate battles though…

Ugg. Figures. I should have read it more.

Back to normal.

everyone makes mistakes ;D and some.of this is still merged…