Battle On YYE?

Anyone want to battle? (previous threads died/got merged/lost). Rules are 1A, one throw, no regens. Clean and simple. Edit and add music if you want and the final battle will be posted HERE. Comment if you want to battle, I’m not that good :stuck_out_tongue:

We should make like an official YYE Battle thread. Like the one from last year. That was dope.

On a forum that I am also a moderator on, while there is no “battle” stuff, there is a “profile request” thread that is opened each month to help keep things under control.

Why not do a monthly battle? Closes 1 week before the end of the month(7 calendar days), and the judges get a week to decide who wins? Or fans or whatever.

Then, next month, make a new one.

Yea it was, but was really unorganized lol…

Still looking for someone to battle >.> need motivation to yoyo…

that vid is way more than one throw…
and I would like to join I just need to know a deadline and where to to.

If I can borrow my friends camera, sure!

Lets do deadline on Tuesday? And just send it to me and I’ll make a thread

How good are you?

I might want to join. Not that good either only been throwing for 5 months.

That would be pretty awesome. I’d join if thats cool

Ok,so everyone who wants to join, send me a vid. It’ll be a tournament type thing since there’s a few people who want to do this and I’ll randomly match people up.

I’ve been throwing for around 3 years or so, but I’m a bit rusty and no where near as good as people who have yoyo’d for as long as I have


May I join?


jk, you just want to win everything :stuck_out_tongue:
but sure

ill do it if:
i can find batteries for my camera
you don’t put me against jayyo :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I join? :smiley:

mine is ready. do i post it here or send it to you?

Anyone can join, just PM it to me

pm’d :wink:

I might join, the deadline is tuesday right?

Correct, anytime tuesday

This will be interesting,