White Buddha help needed

In the youtube link, I’m not understanding what is supposed cause the fake trapeze.  The yoyo just drops.  Anyone have any tips?

Ok, that part of the trick I would say is kind of finicky and doesn’t always work. I think that all that is happening is that the string you are dropping is going to wrap around the axle in a way that makes it get “stuck” because of friction. What I found is that if I just quickly dropped the string from my throw hand index, the “fake trapeze” wouldn’t form. If I let is slowly fall off, then it would make a weird sort of trapeze that would just fall when I shook my hands a little. Hope this helps!

Learn from André Boulay’s videos that are here on YYE.
He explains stuff really well, especially the last part you are having an issue with.
See the video below.

(link for all of the YYE tutorials)