Whipped Silly

Got bored and decided to silicone the Whip. First time. Looks a little messy but binds are tighter than ever on it. Played for about 15 minutes before putting it down so it seems to be holding.

Sounds good. You should have used WHITE, so it could be WHIP’ped Cream!

Anyhow, I’d like to hear how well it holds up after a few days of hard play. I’ve been making a database of my yoyos, mostly so I can track statistics on them for a series of graphics, graphs and charts, showing stuff like size to weight ratios and stuff like that. IN there, I am also tracking stuff such as “compatible with flowable silicone”, bearing sizes and response system/replacements. Sort of a one-stop reference for yoyos in my inventory.

Should know by the end of the week. I throw this one still along with a couple of others a lot.

There were 3 holes in the ring so I did make sure to pump some down into them before continuing on filling the ring.

Same in my Northstar.

Ha, I thought I was the only nerd who did that. Lol. I got a notebook that I track all the specs, play characteristics etc in, for every throw that I own or have owned. It’s actually came in handy a lot.

Not bad my first silicone job was awful and I don’t think it helped that it was on a SB Hectic with schmoove…

Thanks. Doing the Wifes JK and a Hong Kong Special in the drying stage now. They look a lot better than the whips job.

That’s good. I hear Silicone drys faster in warm humid climates (Which sounds like Florida to me.) so I put mine in the bathroom after taking a shower.

Try using a spoon to clean up a bit after popping the air bubbles, and clean up around the walls before it dries.

Mine hasn’t come in handy yet because I’m not using it for what I intended to use it for, but it just seems like a good thing to keep around. I like at least having the illusion of control and knowledge.

Still holding good so far. Same with 3 others I sili’ed.

I had some flowable in my gensis + for almost a year now and it just ripped out today…that is a great long time to not have to replace that. Granted it has not been my main throw but it does get played alot.