While searching for old yoyos on Amazon...

I found this: Check this out on AMZN: YoYo cola jelly 80 g. http://amzn.com/B009DV8TUU

What is it exactly?

That’s what I want to know it looks like chewy cokes


Brb, buying them all.

dang, I wish I had 12 dollars. Big profit in there

It kind of looks like some kind of candy to me…?

I ordered one the other day. I wanted the trick book.


I ordered the 1955 duncan reproduction, I mean. Not the candy. It looks nasty.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking

Eh, looks tasty to me.
Then again, I am a bit hungry.

I think I’d have to be a lot hungry to go for cola flavored chewy candy :slight_smile:

The Haribo Fizzy Cola Gummies are actually good to me. Nut I like gummy candy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For clarity, these are retro yoyos. They were made in the last decade or so (give or take a couple years).

That’s a good thing to point out. They are reproductions, not originals. Don’t buy one thinking you’re getting a 60 year old duncan MIB for twelve bucks.