While many remember "that" freestyle from worlds ten years ago...

Yes, JD’s 1A win ten years ago will always be legendary to many, and will always continue to be so, but for me, there was another freestyle that occured those ten years ago, that I believe revolutionized play in a different style, and pushed limits to new levels that many had not known could be done.

That freestyle, is Shingo Kawamura’s 5th place 2A from that same year.

This freestyle was very special and unique, as many players were focused on fast 2A play with wrap combo’s that were mostly similar, but Shingo came out with a smooth freestyle with very very unique wrap concepts that had not been seen before.

This freestyle showed the world what 2A could be, and the true possibility of further innovation.

Many might not realize the significance of what this freestyle brought to the 2A game, but for many of us 2A players, its a true staple of innovation and originality, and pushing of boundaries into new realms.