Which Zipline to try?

Right now I prefer the weight, feel and thickness of Kitty XL. What does Zipline make that might be comparable?

Prob Alpha Line or Slushy since both are 100% poly. Although it seems like you basically want Kitty XL. So I can’t help but wonder… Why bother? Not just being a Richard. Seriously wondering.

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No prob. Felt like supporting a really nice family who does a lot for the community and getting some stickers/knot pickers as well.


Right on. I get that. Alpha Line is worth a try for sure. Was impressed after being skeptical. Slushy is a solid all-round poly, their “flagship” blend if I recall.


If you’re up to try a little different blend of material, but similar thickness, I can’t recommend Skyline III enough.

That is an absolute favorite of mine, I get a month of solid play out of a single string, and then wash it for another go. They’re “bouncy” at first, so good once broken in too.

EP 2020 is prime for poly, smoothie blends too.

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This is way easier than the question of which yoyo should I buy because strings are so much cheaper. I just tried Zipline for the first time about a month ago. I bought Slushy, Smoothie, Business Class, Performance, and Signature Plus. My favorite is probably the Signature Plus, but I say buy a lot of different types find a favorite and then get all the colors you want.

If you prefer thicker string then go with Performance Thick, Signature Plus, , Business Class, or Smoothie. Some of those won’t be as thick, but still on the thick side. Slushy aren’t thick and the Alpha isn’t either.

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The alpha line is really good. The ep2020 were also very good but honestly liking the alpha line a bit more.

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