Which yoyo gives you the best experience???

Disregarding material, price, or even style of play, what is ( in your opinion) the best classic yoyo just to try for the heck of it?

Define “classic”? Are there some variables that are necessary to meet your description?

Duncan has a few models using “vintage” packaging, which I guess could be considered classic.

I’d say, in my opinion, the Duncan Butterfly is fairly classic. It’s also plastic and around $5. If we’re talkigng about “just for the heck of it”, that seems to be a safe way to go. I choose this over the Duncan Imperial because it has more flexibility due to the shape, even though that’s pretty much the shape people think of when one says “yoyo”.

Not to keep trying to play the Duncan card, they have been around longer and have more models that have been in production a longer amount of time. Many could be counted as classic as a result. But at higher prices, it’s above “for the heck of it” prices.

I feel everything else is too new.

So, if you’re NEW to yoyo, don’t want to spend a lot and just want to try it for the heck of it, the Duncan Butteryfly at around $5 is a good way to go. Easy to use and can do string tricks and some looping tricks. I think this hits on all your stated criteria.

Now, if some company could make a reversible ball bearing yoyo(seat on both sides, response on both sides, but you can reverse the halves so it can be either Imperial-ish or wing and an adjustable gab via swappable bearings to go from responsive to non-responsive) for under $20, that would pretty sweet. I think there’d be some durability issues. It would most likely have to be plastic to keep costs down.

I’m quite sure he’s not new. He’s actually advanced.

Would a FHZ be defined as “classic” enough?

Ok… To clarify, I am quite advanced so responsive is ok, yet not ideal… I really wanna hear what people would recommend if they told what yoyo THEY have/ had the best all around experience on… I suppose it’s like yoyo sight seeing or sampling the best

Well, now you’re changing the parameters.

First, it’s “classic” without a definition of what would be able to be categorized as classic, and now it’s “which is your favorite”.

Totally different.

I’m learning bind return. My regular and so far favorite of my dinky little collection is a Dark Magic II, which I can currently front bind on. I was then able to front bind on an Aoda Little Guy. But, the most satisfaction came from being able to properly throw a Mighty Flea and front-bind return it. I feel if I can do it on the Mighty Flea, I got it down. However, in general, I really like my DM2. I like how it looks, I like how it feels, and I like how it responds. The metal/plastic construction lets me quickly see how good or bad my throw was.

My second main yoyo is a YYF ONE. I gotta recommend this. It’s a lot of fun, very capable and very flexible and can go from responsive to unresponsive. Cheap enough to “give it a shot” with, but if you end up liking it, it’s something that can stick with you for quite a while. If you’re new, it’s cheap, fun and easy. If you’re advanced, it’s something else to play with.

I got others but they for the most part stay in the case I keep them in, waiting for me to throw them a bit.

At the same time, I went from nothing to a Reflex, within days, disabled the clutch while I waited for the DM2 I ordered to arrive, and for the most part have been on the DM2 daily. Just depends on the target audience is that you’re asking about. I’m having tons of fun on the DM2. Thrilled all to heck that I can do little things(pardon the pun) with the Mighty Flea. So far, anything I can throw good I am having a great time with. For me, it’s all good.

I’m sure there’s better stuff out there and my experiences are limited(no full/over-sized or slightly undersized metals). But, what I’ve got, I like and enjoy.

Chances are, you’ve tried what I like anyways. I can’t wait to be into advanced tricks. They look so cool and I’m excited to be heading in that direction.

I didn’t intend to make it sound like I’m changing parameters, perhaps it’s just a tad difficult to manifest int words what I’m looking for…

Typically when people want recommendations they say " I want this shape, this size, this material, and that company… Etc" I’m doing away with that and asking other people which yoyos gave them their favorite experience… A classic to me can be a 40 year old fixed axle, or something people have had time to experience like the supernova, or evidently, the one…

For you, studio, it sounds like you would say your dm… It is a great yoyo, absolutely perfect for learning to bind and dive into advanced string tricks… You sound like a real go-getter and I think you will be pleased with where your skill goes.

And for the record I have a fleet that includes a Duncan butterfly and dragonfly, a dm, speed dial, pgm, popstar, supernova, severe, and 888… Feel free to recommend any again, I just wanna try something with less restriction than " this price, this company, that size…etc"

I’m not going to recommend again, mainly because I lack experience with yoyos.

The biggest issue is that we all know that everyone has an opinion. Right or wrong isn’t even an issue. From what I can tell, the only way to make a mistake is to use a looping yoyo for string tricks or vice versa. There’s so many good offerings available, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Right now, I definitely like YoYoJam. And yes, I’d definitely reocmmend the DM2. Also, YYJ has the advantage of being Made In The USA. I like their designs and like their looks. My next purchase from YYE will include a Fiesta, an Unleashed and maybe a Speeder 2. But, I’m also tossing in a YYF Grind Machine. But one of my other motives is to have a well rounded collection to show kids a wide variety of yoyos to break the possible mindset that the yoyo is super simple and show how varied they are. But I also intend to throw them all as well. I’m going to be doing simple presentations to preschools, kindergarten and first graders as part of a greater program of expanding awareness that will include exposing kids to musical instruments. Although I work in the music industry, I am working as an audio engineer and not a musician.

My collection includes, besides the previously mentioned DM2, Mighty Flea and Anoda Little Guy, also includes a Duncan Imperial, butterfly, Metal Drifter and a Freehand. I have a Yomega Xodus 2 and fireball. I got this generic chinese metal wing-shape as well as some wood ones.

As my skills improve, I can justify spending more on myself on a single yoyo. I’m not brand loyal yet and want to have something from many companies. I read ALL the reviews and yoyo debates on this site t try to paint as well rounded a picture as possible. I’d hate to spend $100 or more on a metal yoyo and then find out I’m just not happy with it. Sure, I can absorb the cost, but it’s not like a $100 microphone that I can find a purpose for.

The bad thing is that that your question now leads to a massive number of possible replies. But the good part is that if people say what and why, it shows a more well rounded picture. The more everyone discusses things, the more everyone can benefit. Doesn’t mean we’ll all agree, but it’s still good information. It should be interesting to see where this goes. I think another guideline should be “no attacking others opinions”. That way nobody has to defend themselves.

Well he might just trying to find the trend now, what people are interested to.

I have a feeling that won’t happen to this thread until he changes the title to “What’s your favorite yoyo”.