Which Super is more Super?

From what I remember, only 2 yoyos from YYF bears the title of Super. One is the Superstar, the other is the SuperNova.

I know the name of this thread can be misleading but this is not one of those “which is better” threads.

I just want to know which you guys like better and WHY.

Don’t forget supernova lite and the Super Wide.

and Super-G

on great forgot those

ok, 2 Ultra premium yoyos

Super wide; it’s super-weird, but still cool.

There’s the super G, superStar, superWide, superNova, and the superNova LITE (which I would count as it’s still about as differant from the supernova as most YYF’s are from each other.) So, if wants to compare all the supers, your off by about three. And if I were to choose, i’d go with the super wide.
Though, i like the name of the superstar because it sorta merges the star series with the super series.