which song for my vid

making a yoyo vid and was wondering what song to use
ive norrowed it down to 2 choices:pig or eyes of the tiger
eyes of the tiger:

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Pig - Sounds better and easy to syncapate!

any other votes?

I think you have an incorrect definition for syncopated…

I voted Eye of the Tiger. I don’t really have a reason, though. Just 'cause, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say Eye of the Tiger. It would be easier to keep track up.

Eye of the Tiger. It’s not too fast or slow. You can do your tricks smooth and stay with the beat. PLus it’s a good song.

EYE OF THE TIGER! I think i shoulden’t sing. :smiley:


well I think its eyes of the tiger
I guess I will use pig in the one after this
and I will upload the vid once its over

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