Video of the 5Star!

I met up with James at the pier and did some quick filming.

Our goal was artsy shots, hope you liked it!

I don’t really think the shots were artsy :-
They were just hard to see what was going on :stuck_out_tongue:

But from what I could see, the tricks kicked the place where poo comes from :stuck_out_tongue:

Hhmm. Thank’s Samad. I’ll try to get some better angles and whatnot next time.

Nice video, what song is it?

Happy Throwing! =]

The song is Eye of the Tiger.

Thanks, but what artist (singer)?

Happy Throwing! =]

All I could find was Survivor…

Realy like the video! Thanks! It was fun! ;D Just got home now, uh, I am TIRED!!! :smiley:

We made the vid in ocean side, i just drove home to where i live, in long beach, and worst of all, my ds and i pod ran out of charge. I was bored when we drove home! lol! :smiley:

that was a great video. the tricks were very vivid and the idea of where to shoot the video was a good one. keep making great videos you guys.!!! maybe we could make a video together??? hint,hint

try to smoothen your tricks out some and try some diffrent angles to keep watchers intrested and try working on some longer combos

So I watched the video, but I didn’t really see that many tricks.

I did see your clothes though, and I really don’t like watching people in flipflops when I’m wearing socks and shoes but still want to put on more… INSIDE!

Paolo is probably thinking…“Thank you? I think? :-” Lol Nice vid, from what I could see. ;D

Yeah video wasn’t that artsy, and I hated the song.

Video is meh for me :-\