aloha from hawaii... i mean texas

hey so here’s a short video I made. I recently moved to Texas so no beach background like my other video. Let me know what you guys think.

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Music: EEE I don’t love it :-\ just my opinion :smiley:
Video Overall: A few to many mistakes left in the video but still GREAT!

Again just my opinion 8)

keep up the good work :wink:

czyoyo :wink:

I heard the song from the movie “There Will Be Blood” and I loved how the song added to the chaos in that scene. Plus I left the mistakes cause those are always fun haha

werent you at PNWR cause there is a guy that looks like you named jordan sambueno

Indeed it is Jordan of THP Hawaii

OMG!! that was awesome (except the music) i loved how you left the mistakes in. Those tricks are so fast that i feel like my eyes just had a cardio workout trying to keep up

uh yeah man that’s me haha.

i have so many of those stickers at home. i should bust them out next time haha.