Which of these are better for me to learn with

I got interested in yoyo’s about 15 years ago and bought a few but never learned much about them and never really learned how to play with them but I have a renewed interest and want to start watching some videos and try to do some tricks. I know only the very basics. I know how to throw and catch it. I can get one to sleep. I have even done a “round the world” before but that’s about it. I would like to learn more but it’s been so long since I picked one up. Also when I bought my yoyo’s I didn’t really know what I was buying so can someone help me determine what I have and which one might be best for me to learn with? Here is a couple photos of what I have. I think I remember the Duncan “FH Zero” being a good one though.
I should probably mention that most of these are pretty old because…well I’m pretty old… 58 to be exact.

Fast 201 to get some “responsive” basics down quick and then the Freehand Zero to start learning more (either responsive or unresponsive), would be my choices. Though many would probably point out that a ton of cool tricks were done on the Losi throws at one point. In fact, you could argue that one of the losi’s would be cool for learning responsive tricks instead of the Fast 201.

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I’m trying to get up to speed on some on the terminology here…I’m not 100% sure of the difference between “responsive” and “non-responsive” styles. I have a lot to learn but this site is full of good information. I need to do some reading…thank you for your reply.


The yoyo comes back from a sleeper when you tug on it. This is, essentially, what everyone thinks of when they think of a yoyo. It is also the best place to start learning.


Yoyo does not come back when you tug on it. In order to get the yoyo back to your hand, you have to wrap a loop of string back on itself to cause the yoyo to climb back up the string. This action is called a “bind”.

Here’s a video that talks about unresponsive yoyoing:


Perfect…thank you for the video.

So, tonight I tried out several different of these yoyo’s and I found that I like this Team Losi Silver series better than any of the others. It just seems to be smoother and I can get it to react easier, sleep easier. So for now…this is what I’m going to start learning with. I also liked the Fast 201 that “photogeek” suggested so I may use it some as well.

Those Silver Series Losi yoyos are still pretty cool in my book.

The Recess First Base is also a good yo-yo to learn on. It comes with a responsive bearing and an unresponsive bearing for when you want to learn more complicated tricks.

Ahhh, the Team Losi yoyos will always be special to me. I’m glad I picked up a NOS Cherry Bomb last year. Still have my OG Da Bomb too.