Which of the 3 is best?


This is just an experiment that I’m running, please vote!


Putting the Metal Zero in just disgraces the other two.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

No best, preference, how many times must we go over this?


I agree,

and also best for what…1,2, or 3a, what are your prefrences and ect ect. Also look for reviews, they help alot. If we don’t know your prefrences then we have no clue what to vote for to help you…Your first gut “go for it” is probably right anyway. The forums are just cluttered with these posts, look them up too.


Duncan Metal Zero, cuz it comes with the counterweight, so you could do 5a or 1a with it. (I think it comes with a counterweight… Haha)


I used to say that all of the time, people just don’t stop.


Yee hawww


I too agree