Which of my three yoyos is best for 5a?

Dark Magic 2

(I broke my metal drifter.)

Ah, metal drifter. I saw a kid recently who destroyed his. I couldn’t get it apart, he stripped something.

Anyhow, here’s my 2-cents worth(OK, maybe a nickel.)

In my opinion, the dv888 is too small. I have one, I like it, it’s great and everything, but for 5A, you want some size there. This leaves it down to the Asteroid and DM2.

My thoughts are go learn on the Asteroid. Then when you’re getting better, move to the DM2. Or stick with the Asteroid but maybe put in a Crucial Grooved bearing or a CenterTrac. I didn’t like this with a konkave.

the trvth by ilyy

that is terrible for 5A, and you can’t find them anywhere

I agree with studio let the Asteroid take a bit of a beating because believe me you will drop the string when your learning. Move to the DM2 when your mor confident.

I also agree that the asteroid is better to take the initial beating, but I do argue that the DV888 could be a good 5A yoyo. I like slightly undersized for my yoyos, particularly 5A. I was using my 888 for 5a with pretty good success. The dark magic is also a decent 5A yoyo so its really a 3 sided coin toss