cheap yo-yos for 5a


anyone else try using a yyf whip or some cheap dun cans for 5a? its so fun. my whip is so unstable its fun trying to see how many tangles i can do. way r ur favorite cheap 5a throws? try putting a cw on each and every one of ur yo-yos.


really can’t go wrong with a FHZ in my opinion. I’m about to order my second one here soon!


Naw I’m sayin, get wat u might consider to be a horrible/beginner yoyo from ur collection, and put a cw on it. I’ve been doin that, and it’s so fun.


OOOOOO ok…well in that case i guess i should try putting it on my yomega dash!


depending on what you would call “cheap”, but the YYJ destiny is where it’s at for 5A practice


Duncan Imperial is sooooo boss.

(M.DeV1) #7

YYJ unleashed.


So far, YYF Die-Nasty.


IMO the proto star is perfect for 5a, inexpensive, plastic and high Performing… Only problem is you really need 2 because it’s such a good yoyo, you’ll want one for 5a and 1a


Lyn Fury. Hands down

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Word. Dual-siliconed Kicksides are absolutely where it’s at.


I’ma have to get me one of those, heard a lot of good things about them.

Throwing a painted Northstar and an 09 Severe right now.


the flying squerrel is a great cheap for 5A, but throw monkey is what I started on for all yoyoing. but now i use a northstar FTW


Siliconed Kickside, or siliconed FHZ. Stock, right out of the box Die-Nasty. To me the Whip is a little small for 5A, but I don’t understand why people talk it down. I mean OK, it’s not rare, or expensive. Owning one will not impress anyone, or make anyone like you. But to me, saying that they “tilt” or are unstable, or don’t spin long enough just tells me the poster needs to work on their throw. Sorry.


siliconed fhzs paper maches lyn furys kicksides whips…


I realized I didn’t properly read your post

I used to have fun with a YYF One on double dice setup, didn’t like the whip in 5A tho