Which juggling balls are the best

i just started juggling and right now im using baseballs. Im trying to find good juggling balls so i thought id ask.

please reply on the thread or pm me

The ones that you can juggle with.

I think a lot of people when starting out take three socks, fill them up with dry beans and then close off the end.

i want to buy some juggling balls though and i want to no some good brands

I juggle and I use a type like this.


I found it really cheap too.

Have fun juggling!

It’s a great hobby!


Well, dx Chroma juggling balls are pretty good, they’re durable, good for outside, and don’t get damaged when they get wet. Also, how do you make links? Thanks Shadow.

Links in this?

Just copy and paste.

I’ve gotten used to stage balls from Dube.
I use 3.5 inch stage balls for for a mix of contact and toss juggling.
Very durable and very easy to clean.
Then I use the heavy contact balls for body-rolling.

Gballs, or go to http://www.thebagladyonline.net, she is super nice and does a great job. My order took a little while but was well worth the wait.

In my opinion it is easiest to learn with something that has a bit of give and is less likely to bounce off or out of your hand such as bean bags.

My favorites have to be the tossaballs from flyingclipper. They are a bit pricey, but last forever and really stand up to abuse, and you can machine wash them.

my friend who is really good, he can do 3-5 balls, with tons of variations with 3, doesn’t really care what he juggles with. His favorite casual juggling balls are some old tourist hackysacks he got in canada.