Which is your favorite stunt from mission impossible fallout movie?

(shubham) #1

1.The halo jump,
2.Bike ride.
3. Bathroom fight.
4.Helicopter stunt.

I also want to know which mission impossible movie was your favourite and why?


The first one is quite a classic. I love the scene where he drops down above the computer to get the NOC list, and “accidentally” leaves his knife near the keyboard.

I remember someone saying it was a good movie because it didn’t rely on a love story or other outside narrative to make it interesting.

(Tyler) #3

That one stunt where that one guy does that one thing! Gets me every time!

(shubham) #4

So you didn’t see the movie?

(shubham) #5

Do you mean Benji?


I have seen all movies in this series.


My favorite stunt was not watching the movie, yet.

But if the movie has anything to do with: science, experimentation or sharing information; I should prolly watch it.