which is better???


sunset’s NXG, raider or loop 720?

please Help


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Yeah- really, its your preference. I liked the Sunset NXG, and am completely happy with it. No problems at all. Just depends on you. All three are good yoyos, so whichever one you pick, you should be happy.
Good luck choosing!

(JonasK) #4

All of these looping yoyos are very similar. They all have about the same shape and size (I think the 720 is a bit narrower). They all have different response systems though. The Raider uses a double starburst system, the Sunset uses double O-ring, while the 720 uses it’s very own string response system. This string system is something in its own class. It lasts long and you won’t need to worry about getting replacements since it’s just 100 poly string.

This does not make a really big difference. I personally think that you should go with your guts. if you ask three people which one they like the most, they will most likely not answer the same. As some others above have said, you will end up being happy with the yoyo you get anyways.