Which is better(trying to choose)?

I’m planning on buying a yoyo and i was just wondering which one i should get.
I’m trying to choose between a YYJ Eneme,YYF 888x and a CLYW Bear vs. Man.
If u guys can give me links to reviews that would be great!

What kind of shape do you like, what weight do you prefer etc. I need a preference, and if you don’t have a preference, then they are all pretty good yoyos


Eneme- http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=2201

888x- http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=3079

Bear vs Man- http://www.highspeedyoyo.com/reviews/caribou-lodge-yoyo-works/bear-vs-man

i don’t have a eneme or bear vs man but the 888x is AWESOME!
Pros: smooth as butter good for irgs sort of but in that and other yoyo areas im a noob. Good for grinds. i did my first grind with it. Hubstacks are nice.

Cons: have some problems with the hubstacks.

Im gonna guess that like me you like the classic curvy butterfly shape. That was one reason i got the 888x. At first you’ll think its small but you’ll get used to it.
But like i said, i don’t have a eneme of Bvm

Nice post Lazythrower!

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I think i’m gona go ahead and buy the BvM