Which division(s) are you? (2015 poll)

Just for fun, let’s also discuss things while we’re at it.

1A and 5A

I forgot you do 1A. How did SEC 1A go?

27th in prelims. I messed up badly.

i mainly do 1a and 3a, but i enjoy 4a as well
starting to get better at 5a, not enough clean, original tricks to compete tho
i also do double dragon. im not the best, but its fun so i do it :smiley:

I can do 4A as well, but not enough to consider it a division I would compete in.

Mainly 1A a little $A I’m thinking about competing in $A Just for fun at some point

What is $A? Do you mean 4A?

$A is when Ben Conde does 4A.


$a is the greatest style of all time, its where you yoyo, and then.

its majestic. if one is able to perform $a, they.

if you are able to do $a, you are.

please contact ur doktur if u haev ani ov thees simptumz

1 like=1 half of a duncan imperial


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Yes

I mess around with 4A, 2A, and 5A in between things but I primarily 1A.

I’m trying to start 2A its pretty hard, but 1A is my usual.

I play 1A & 5A.

I attempt 2A.

So, of all 25 votes currently in, there are 24 who voted 1A, that means someone (not you someone :wink: ) is actually not doing 1A but does other divisions? actually that is amazing, considering in my opinion 1A is the basic and is the easiest to learn from scratch. One does not simply not do 1A.

I do 1a advanced.
2a advanced.

4a fun or intermediate.

5a fun or intermediate.

I have some General Yo’s that’s Ba

I focus on 1A but used to play every other style as well until I ran out of pads :confused:

Always throwing 1A. Never a day without.

I don’t get to practice a lot of 4A because my parents aren’t a fan of the dropping and running after it outside isn’t fun. But I still get after it.

5A here and there just for a change, but I could use work.

I really want to start 2A and 3A. At least a little bit of both. I don’t have 2A yoyos though and my right hand isn’t that great at all if I were to start 3A (go lefties!). I’m working on right handed 1A as a step to get there currently.

That does make me want to ask some questions though to those who do throw 3A. Did you practice a lot with your non-dominant hand before starting? How good would you say your 1A is between the two?