Where to go from a double or nothing stall?

Hey all,

I can land a double or nothing stall pretty reliably, but after I regen back out the way it came in, I wind up with the yo-yo coming over my throw hand and spinning backwards. I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to land it from here, so I usually just catch it. My instinct is to land it in a trapeze stall, but it’s spinning the wrong way for that.

Any thoughts for a good combo after the double or nothing stall?

Thanks in advance!

  • Trapeze and his brother stall
  • cross your arms and catch a reverse trapeze stall
  • undermount stall
  • regen/single loop
  • after it comes to the end of the string, you could hook a non-throw hand finger and give it a tug before doing a loop
  • catching and throwing the yoyo with your non-throw hand is totally a thing
  • catch, give it a tug (to semi-lock the string) and swing it around like a pocket watch
  • catch it in a reverse thumb stall (i can’t remember the proper name for this, its where you catch on the string between throw-finger and thumb)

Also, there isn’t anything you’re ‘supposed’ to land it in. Just try to figure something out. Make up your own trick, or your own variation on a trick. You might not come up with something completely unique, but it’ll still feel cool.


I’ve been doing a bunch of stalls in succession, so after 2or0 go into a brother stall. @drewtetz gave me sage advice to make sure your 2or0 string on your right hand is around your thumb, instead of your index, so you’re set up to stall right into brother. Here’s how it went after the advice:


By “supposed” I really just meant what are my options here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the helpful suggestions! From reading your list it occurs to me that I’m probably putting too much power behind my regen out and should treat it just like trapeze with an extra wrap (hence the obvious first answer being a brother stall).

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Thanks! The video was very helpful. I can’t exactly see how you’re moving from brothers stall to double or nothing. It looks like maybe your just hooking your index finger? I usually land my double or nothing stall off the throw with two wraps, but doing a progression more like that is interesting. I’m trying the thumb thing but can’t get it to land right just yet.

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So from the first brother, when you unmount to Regen you want to kind of turn your throw hand palm up and stick out your thumb so the string lays over it.

I’m explaining this poorly. I’ll try and get a slomo video later today unless you figure it out, lol.

Kick flip into a brother stall.


This would be an awesome rec if I could land a kickflip. I’m still working on it…


I actually managed to land the trapeze stall to brothers stall to double or nothing stall. I found I’m doing it by pinching the string that goes over my yo-yo hand index finger between that finger and my thumb. I figured it out by pinching before the regen, but now I can regen and pinch after the fact. Thanks for your help!

I can get this double or nothing stall back into brothers stall but I haven’t had enough string to regen out. I’ll have to keep working on that.

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You could go to Double or Nothing Bro Flip


i’d go from double or nothing stall, regen to trapezes brother stall, then regen back to trapeze stall but throw in a pinwheel before landing the stall, then you can go to makin da zines…

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