Where is this i want it

its so koo

i think it got discontinued

It naver really came out,they were released at worlds but they didnt serve actual yoyo play,they were just fun to pull start.Here were also other vids like:

and the pfficial one by team YYJ:


I know it sucks they arent out but it is the way it is,I also believe our very own runnen has one,if you have any other questions he canprobably answer them,here is his profile: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=611

I asked Andre. They are NOT discontinued, but YYJ is still in the stage of fixing errors. He said there’s a lot to fix.

ZOMG then im so excited i wants one

i had one for a short while and it is a very fun yoyo, but it is hard to play and if you dont know how to play it it wont play very good.

i no longer have it though as i traded it away not long ago.

It looks so fun just to mess around with.

Well, it sucks(I’ve heard) for normal play, but its too cool to pass up. Can’t wait.

Does anyone know if there will be an (improved) prototype at Worlds? I think so, there was last year.

looks like itd be fun just to tinker with lol :smiley: