Where in Orlando Florida has the

World YoYo contest 3013? I mean like what part of Orlando has it? What’s it called?

The Rosen Plaza hotel. :slight_smile:

It’s in a hotel??

Sure is… The ballroom.

How do u know that they haven’t put it on they’re website…

This is the last year it’ll be in Orlando. It was on there, however that was, before Greg got arrested… I’m sure it will still be there though.

It’s still going on this year at the Rosen plaza. It was there last year, and many years before that.

Greg himself said that the fact that he was arrested will have no effect on the 2013 world yoyo contest.

Wow the contest venue really is not listed on the site, nor is hotel booking info. I looked at Rosen and there is no availability. if you are attending (and if it is at rosen) you better hope there is a room block with availability of can find accommodation somewhere else nearby.