2012 worlds?

Where is it in 2012
EDIT: what city to be specific. Orlando?

same place it’s been for the last umm… I don’t know when it started.
It’s in Florida. August 2-4 I think.

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Where iz dis “Florda” planet you speek of?
I’m just kidding of course :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy who owns it lives there. Unless he moves or sells it, it will always be there until he quits.

aye. Orlando Florida. at the Rosen Plaza hotel, to be specific. if it’s the same as last year, Ballroom B.

The person who runs it actually lives in Tallahassee about 3 hours from Orlando. It is held in Orlando at the Rosen Plaza off International Drive. It is August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Last I checked they have the Rosen Plaza booked through 2015. So, at least the next 4 years, it will be at the same place.

look on the back of your booklet dweebs!! lol jk :wink:
August 2nd-4th, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Awesome!! I’ll try to go this year.