where do you wear your YOYO glove?

mine is my throw hand becouse it keeps the string from cutting the circulation in my finger

You can put your throw-hand,non-throwhand, or both. Some people wear them on their right, left, both or nothing.

Happy Throwing! =]

On my feet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t use them.

i was just thinking how cool it would be to yoyo with your feet

im probably gonna get to because my hands get sweaty and it hot

Who needs em?

y do u put them on ur non-throw hand? and what about stickers?

they put them on the non throw hand to keep from getting string burn, and why are you talking about stickers? if you are saying you put them on your finger, then check the 5th option.

wat i mean is, is what the gloves are meant for just like stickers?

i dunno. i don’t use stickers

mainly out on the town.
like if i’m going dancing.

or if it’s really cold, i’ll wear two of them outside.

Chicken. Face the cold! :stuck_out_tongue:

I only wear my glove to an MJ concert. other than that …HEY! WHERE IN THE HECK DID MY SEQUINS GLOVE GO?

both if its humid and i outside none if inside and it depends on what glove im wearing

I wear one when I feel like it, but generally I only use one if I have a burn or injury on a hand. It makes me feel more in control if I know where my hand is, because I’m more familiar with the natural shape of my hand.