where do you get cool outfits like this ???

please answer

you can go to JoAnn Fabrics (you can make one) or a costume shop.

or if your lucky , you can find one at a halloween store.

P.S. I do a little bit of contact juggling myself.

You can buy those balls at a store , there called Fushigis (i own one)

Look in the As Seen On Tv aisle.

oh,im an experianced contact juggler as well,and the fushigis are overrated and every time
i contact juggle and people scream fushigi, it really annoys me.

thanks for the advice :wink:

I can’t help you on the outfits.
But I also contact juggle and I use a stage ball and hear fushigi all of the time.

i know i hate it when that happens, but i have a 2in.,3in.,and a 3in. blue acrylic.