Any contact jugglers out there? Tut's welcome!


Are there any contact jugglers out there? It’s something I find fun. For those who don’t know what contact juggling is, it’s this, and no, it’s not called fushigi. Fushigi is a type of ball that can be used for it

I currently am still learning. I’m not all that… yet ;). I’m still working on some isolations, and I’m working some other things. I just want to see who else does this.

Feel Free to post tuts here too, they help, and I’ll look at them too :slight_smile:

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i hate it when people see you contact juggling and scream,“FUUUSSHHHIIIIGGGIIII!!!”


I play around with my fushigi every once in a while. I saw the commercial, quick internet searched and found out about contact juggling, then I found out about how everyone hates the Fushigi. Then I bought one for fun.

I want to learn the Venus Flytrap, but that’s all I know pretty much.


i honestly cant tell the difference. The contact Juggling is soooo cool though, cant look away when i watch it


Contact juggling and fushigi are not the same. Fushigi is just a lower quality ball used to do contact juggling. Contact Juggling can be done with basically anything round. Most people use clear acrylic balls. The Fushigi is just a ball with a plastic silver ball inside (trust me, I’ve seen one broken, and it’s not metal).

I find contact juggling fun though. I’m learning fast

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It looks fun, but I have no idea what ball to get to start with. Like size and material.


The best kind of ball to start out on.
Is a stage either 4inches or 100mm
I’m still with my stage ball and its great
you can find it at or
seriousjuggling .com


I contact juggle. You go to any of the contact juggling websites?

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they have websites? ::slight_smile:



I can do the enigma with an orange. :slight_smile:


i just got into it. anyone know where i can buy a real contact juggling ball (not online)


lol thats where all of the good balls are
then again it depends on where u live


alright looks like i’ll have to get one online :slight_smile: what should i get for a beginner


Just know if you get a clear one you can burn your self and other stuff in the sun. they are like magnifying glass’s.
I got a black 3" acrylic ball when I started which was suggested too me by a fairly decent contact juggler.


When started to watch the vid, I was like, "where’s the yoyo, oh, right, contactact juggling ". lol