Where do you find your inspiration and drive from?

Ok, so pretty much every thrower has hit that wall before, where they don’t feel like practicing, or they can’t finish through with making or learning a new trick. So where do you find your inspiration and drive when you hit this wall? How were you able to conquer those feelings of laziness and moments where yoyoing isn’t as much fun before conquering the world of yoyos?

:frowning: You copied my thread >:(


Umm, no, I didn’t. Your thread asks about motivation to throw and why he throws. I’m asking about where he finds his inspiration and drive to keep practicing when he hits a wall.

If the goal is present, and you haven’t reached it yet, there’s always something you can be doing to put yourself closer to reaching that goal.

My advice if your stuck on tricks is to practice the other things. Maybe you get nervous on stage, if so, work on that. You need style inspiration, tch something else other than Yoyo. Dancing, freestyle bmx, whatever you choose.

Ask yourself, why do I want to achieve what I want to achieve? If you have a true answer to that question, you won’t find yourself stuck.

Don’t be afraid to take a little break. Productivity always trumps quantity.