Where do I find a KK bearing?

I have been all over the web looking for a KK bearing. And when I do find one it’s in euros…I live in America. If you do find one please post a link on this topic. Please help me. :-\

There are plenty of stores that sell KK bearings. That is including YoYoExpert, which is the site you are on, after all. So, here’s the link to the one on this site:

If you don’t need a YYJ sized bearing, there are many other sites such as YoYoNation, YoYoGuy, TheYoStore, etc.

go to the www.yoyosam.com/dif-e-yo konkave bearing-5mm-id-x-10mm-dia-x-4mm5214 :smiley:

So thaaaats what people mean by KK bearing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you said you were looking all over, then what were you looking for?

check www.yoyonation.com for some. Look under bearings or upgrades.