Where did clear dice come from?

Clear dice, the story beyond the magic and mystery.

Clear dice are one of the most desired objects in the entire yoyo community. People are often willing to pay large amounts and trade valuable yoyos for just one die.

As popular as these dice are, not many know the full history behind them.

This is their story…

Clear dice come from the mystic realm of gar’flew, where the battle between The wolves of Crekta and the dragons of Draekahn has been continuing on for many generations.
The Wolves of crekta take their defeated Dragons and melt down their horns into a clear molten form, where they would then use their forbidden magic to shape them into the clear dice which they would use for ancient rituals to determine their battle strategies.

During the terrible battle on the plains of Fierdenlar, the wolves and the dragons were suddenly taken by a surprise attack from the panthers of the eastern gates. The panthers were a small clan who had never been seen as a threat to those of Crekta and Draekahn, and the panthers realized this well. For years, they had been planning the large over-take of both kingdoms, so that they could rule all of the Gar’flew.
They overtook and conquered both kingdoms and destroyed them all. The panthers then raided their villages and stole all of their belongings, including the clear dice of the Wolves.
Unsure of what to do with these die, and seeing no value in them, they sent them away through the western portals of Strakarta into the unknown reals of the forbidden dimensions, never to be seen again in their realm…

The dice found themselves in their box tumbling down a mountain, crashing through trees, flying over rocks and tumbling over and over through the cold air, where they came to rest by a rock in the snow.
They remained there for many many years…
Many harsh winters passed, but the box somehow kept the dice safe. They remained in their resting place for over 40 years…

One day, a man and his expedition team was out exploring the mountain side, and he came across the box. Opening it, he was surprised by the box of 200+ clear dice.
He took them home with him, where he left it on his table, unsure of what to think of them. Most likely, the dice would have been thrown away, or put into a small toy machine in a grocery store. However, thanks to this mans son, the dice went on to an amazing future…
His son came into the room and opened up the box and was pleasantly surprised. He had been yoyoing for a while now and noticed that the dice seemed to have the correct shape.size,and weight of a freehand yoyoing casino die. He took one and used his fathers drill to create the hole for the string and put the string onto his favorite freehand 1. He threw some tricks, and loved how nice the dice felt and how well it played. He decided that he should bring the dice to a company known as hyper yoyo, so that they might place one in each of their new yoyos they had been rumoring of being made for freehand play. This boy, was a young Shingo Terada.

Fast forward to today. These dice are getting harder and harder to find, and people lust after them like a 1st run painted peak. Why is this? Simple, The magic of the wolves of Crekta. They used their magic is mysterious ways that affects humans in a way that causes them to long for the dice in an almost unhealthy obsession. Once obtained, the magic grasp them, and doesn’t let them go. Once a clear dice finds an owner, the owner will almost never give the dice up for any ammount of money, as the magic that holds them is too strong.

This also causes people to be very upset by the idea of them being made again or duplicated, as the magic of the dice forces their minds to only long for the original dragon made dice, and not any duplication or copy.

The magic of these legendary dice is still a mystery to many, and its power is something that we may never be able to understand. But if there is one thing for sure. They are a very dangerous beast, one that we must look out for…

For one day…

They may take over ALL of the yoyo community.

Beware humans…



I bought mine at Brookhurst Hobbies.

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I have one too

i want a real diamond CW, nothing less

maybe a clear, real diamond, dice ^^

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nice read jayyo…had me entertained the whole way :slight_smile:

real men use BLOOD DIAMOND dice