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I’m almost certain that this is a dumb question but I have noticed that clear dice are sought after so I was wondering if this dice was rare like a clear one.



No most people want completly clear ones but I think it is cool.


nothing specially appealing to me. I’d love to see CW with other shapes, not always dices or bouncy balls.


That’s one of the dice that Ricerocket was drilling before Duncan started to uphold their patent. They’re a little heavier than the Duncan dice, but they’re nice.


It’s a CW so not matter how rare it is it’s not going to sell for much.

It’s worth as much as you want it to. C=

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Its worth too much and not enough at the same time.


You’d be very surprised to see how much clear dice trade / sell for then…but I agree; it is worth as much as you want it to be worth…

I’ve seen some people trade 100+ dollar throws for one dice…others have paid upwards of 70$ for one.

I personally would enjoy having one (they’re pretty swagger) but would never consider spending more than maybe 5$ on one.



Dang and I thought I was an impulse buyer…


All the fun of clear dice, but round, cheaper, and there’s 10 of them. (and very high quality, I may add)


thats pretty awesome. i personally like heavier cw’s such as the duncan yellow ball, which is perfect. if that die is heavy, it would be heaven. i love my custom bearingized cw, but i wish it was heavier. that die looks like the best of both worlds.

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Why in the heck would a cw be worth that much??


Demand, hype, rarity.

Same reason the Peak, SADR, or similar throw is worth as much as they are.


If you are near or ever been to any gaming convention or comic convention they are selling dice by the thousands all shapes sizes colors and numbers. So, a rare one? hard to say because you really can find all different types and colors everywhere. Just depends on how much you want to look.


The clear dice aren’t like normal dice. They are super easy to tell apart from a standard gaming dice thus preventing rip off’s of the original.

I believe Duncan actually has a patent on them as well.

Many have tried to find a substitute…

The clear Delrin balls are pretty cool…except you have to drill your own holes in them…no biggy.


They are acrylic balls, not delrin. Big difference :slight_smile:

Also, drilling a hole in a counterweight is actually pretty easy if you have a drill, and most people have a drill. It’s better than paying $50+ for a clear polycarbonite countweight.


Whether it is clear or not - is immaterial. The dice are made of plastic and are therefore, not valuable whether clear or not. A certain famous yoyo yoyo-museum/store in Chico California has bins of those things. Call them.

The only valuable dice are bakelite/catalin or celluloid - and they are around 100 years old. Now some nice bone dice - dated from the first century, Rome - now that would be a valuable CW.


Whatever. Delrin, polycarb, acrylic. Regardless of what they’re made of I still agree with you on the fact that they are an alternative…but people want clear dice for a reason.

They may be worthless in reality…but people do pay out the rear for them.

Just like they do anything else.

Whether it be rare Pokemon, MTG, Yugioh cards, yoyo’s, etc;

No need to sharpshoot something so trivial dude.

Like Arussell said. You won’t find a dice made like the ones Duncan have. They are highly sought after. you may not see it as much now but if you were around longer you’d know.


I know Jon Rob has 4… I had a huge conversation about them saturday with him about them.


I really don’t understand why people want a clear dice so much