clear duncan die

hi i really want a clear duncan die any1 have one if so pm me i will pay or trade up 2 3 couerweights 4 it

Be prepared to offer cash only for one. 3 or 4 counterweights for one would be the best deal of your life. Jus’ sayin

would u sell me 1

i know Arussel, the only way to get his dice would be to claw it from his cold dead hands. LoL

why not just buy a die and drill it? I think they’re 22mm dice. weigh about 14-15g. so get like 15 or 16g to compensate for what you remove with a drill.

There’s no store that sells the same die Duncan uses.

If you want a 22mm clear die, you’re pretty much going to have it custom made.
with a little paint you could get those pips whatever colour you want.

Edit: Am I allowed to post links to stuff like that?

Those are close, but the painting would be kinda tough to do (idk, I’m not an artist) and the 1 is, for some reason, huge.

And I’m about 95% sure you can post that link, since it’s not a link to another yoyo store.

Yeah, I couldn’t find the same ones as duncan uses, but these were pretty close. outside of that dang one. lol
I dunno why they made it so big…

And okay, cool. just wanted to make sure

You can order those. I have one I ordered just like that, colored the pips white with nail polish. It is a good bit heavier and a little bigger but not so much I find a huge difference.