Ok, so I am now making my own counterweights because I can’t find one that I like. I like counterweights that are lighter than the Duncan Dice. I got these blank white dice , drilled a hole in them, and they are perfect. They weigh /about/ 10 grams, which is 2 grams lighter than the Duncan Dice. This things will play slow, they’ll play fast, and they’ll play at lightning speed. I’m wanting to get about 100 of these and sell them once I find a way to get the hole perfectly straight every single time. I’m calling them CloudyWeights because, like I said, they’re lighter than normal, Andrew Dalton (MadDog) came up with the name.

On to the pictures!


They look nice. They are the best counterweights I’ve seen really. Plain. That’s what so great!

Will there be options to have colored ones? Or a package deal?

looks good man! keep up the creativity, the community needs more “homebrew” counterweights

Colored for sure, I just have to find more colors, so far I can only find white, red, and blue. I’m trying to find a super bright yellow, and a super bright pink. I’ll probably have package deals, I just don’t know how much I’ll be selling them for. Once I have the BST up for them when I get them and drill all of them, I will for sure have deals in there if you buy a certain amount of them.

I’m excited!

have you tried chessix? is this where you got them? cause chessix does custom dies, so it’s quite possible you could do batches of custom colors without dots or with a logo of your choosing. i’ve known people that have done it before. you may have to contact them directly though.

No, that’s not where I got them. I got them at some really small store. I don’t even remember the name of it. Lol.

did you drill it with drill press?

Nope, this time I just used a hand drill. Thinking that I might buy a really cheap drill press to do these in runs if enough people are interested. Or maybe my dad’s lathe if he’ll let me.

Looks BA.
Estimated price?

I was actually thinking of buying some cool dice and drill a hole too! But all I have is a hand drill, what drill bit did you use?? Did it took you a long time to drill a hole?

Not sure on a price yet, it all depends on how long it takes me to drill them once I have a way to drill the holes straight every time.

I’m not 100% sure on the actual size of the drill bit I used, I just used the largest once I could get to fit inside of the hole in a Duncan Die. It took me roughly 30 second to drill it by hand, being careful not to screw it up.

by the way, nice Diversion 1.0 with the 80th anniversary caps! i got the same color

Haha, thanks.

I meant what type yo drill bit… sorry for the confusion. Thats wierd… I think the time depends on type of dice since mine took me 10 minute to get half way :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not even sure dude.

Lighter than Duncan dice? I prefer heavier than Duncan dice.

You could spash paint them. If you want a strait hole use a drill press