When someone like this dies...

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It’s easy to think that he was this strict dictator in an isolated country and possibly sitting on a little of that good ol’ WMD. Now let’s stop thinking about what happens with NK, let’s stop thinking about how the country will fare after someone who I believe to be his son takes over. Let’s start thinking about what WE are actually losing here. Kim Jong Il may have been a dictator, but he was also a person that really enjoyed looking at things. And in memory of that, let’s all go to this site and think of how Kim Jong Il liked to look at things.


As much as I thought of that man as a miniature, Korean version of Joseph Stalin, he made me laugh many times. The things he thought of, his cockiness, and his captioned pictures all were hilarious to me.

Here’s an article about his un-brightness

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Not sure if Sarcasm lol.
I dont see the point of him looking at food so good.
Hes a dictator and Alot of people dislike him.
Hes like Osama but Korean.

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This is just ignorant. Not only are you showing how you are in no way informed of who the guy is at all (Osama too for that matter), but the point of the thread went way over your head.

That website was a source of pure fun. Seeing that man looking at a giant roll of paper was simply something that would make my day better. Make no mistake, this thread is in no way, shape or form an ode to the man. This thread is an ode to the website. This thread was also a slightly ironic criticism directed towards people who thinks this means that the World is facing insane changes, people that go around thinking that every single thread in the world is gone and that we can all sleep safely.

Some times you just have to not care about all the stupid stuff you read in the news and just enjoy the funnies.


dictators come and go throughout history… usually in really weak irrational anarchy states, or in world power empires… and they usually do have something funny about them… case and point… good find :wink:


Hopefully his son doesn’t want to prove he is a “man” and good leader by attacking south korea then america will get involved since we are sworn to help them if they get attacked.


i wouldnt be a bit surprised if a war results from this in any way, but then its super hard lately to just accept whatever the media pumps out…


God rest Kim Jong Il, I’ll never be able to look forward to looking at him look at things again…


It’s OK. We should all be able to talk to him on his invisible cell phone. You know, the invisible cell phone he was using to coach the North Korean soccer team on their World Cup flop in 2010?

Well, here’s to seeing what the future holds. I fear not more of the same. I expect a stepped up regime transition asserting itself upon the population to show who is in control now. After a few years of that, it’s probably going to mellow down a bit.

With instability being the norm in the Middle East, and with all the recent unrest and massive changes to many nations, the Middle East has become more of a hotbed wait to explode. At least North Korea’s change will, at least initially, not be through violence. There’s been lots of tension with North Korea and the rest of the region(except China, go figure). Many eyes are watching. It’s going to be uneasy for a while until the world figures out the new man in charge.