When PandaJoe and EvilPixie hang out...

good thing we both weren’t actually trying.

(He made me post this because he thinks I don’t post enough)

Way to pick the crap takes! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, nice vid.

Hooray for the killers!!

i like it! lol made me lol…lol ::slight_smile:

Haha, Hey Evilpixie, nice rocking the baby while eating!

Happy Throwing! =]

it’s a trick called eat the baby that some guy Made up at a thing for national yoyo day we went to together.

phft you don’t EVEN want to see the crap takes Joe. =P

next vid we make, we’re totally taking more than just 15 minutes. XD


thanks! =D

I know flashier tricks, but the Panda requested eat the baby. haha