When is the next shuriken yoyos drop?

I recently did a review on the shuriken yoyos senban on the forum. Surprisingly i got a response from shuriken yoyos themselves, and Diego B (team member). Shuriken yoyos has quickly become my fav yoyo brand just because of the senban. i enjoy the senban more than any sf yoyo i have ever tried. I would love to try the Juji as well.


Senban will have another run?

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It looks like there’s a bimetal coming soon:

Juji is worth tracking down. I have one, it’s really unique and interesting and has a huge cup volume.


@Ch_yoyos Thank you for your support! Our next release will happen in April. If you are interested in the JUJI, you should be able to find one here or on BST.

@stevejspins Sorry but we probably won’t do another run of Senban

@MarkD Thanks Mark!