Our first release from Shuriken YoYos - The SENBAN!

Shuriken Yoyos is a Hong Kong based yoyo brand aiming to find a balance between uniqueness and performance in yo-yo designs. The brand is inspired by shuriken (ninja star) which shares homogeneous characteristics with yo-yo and this is their latest release - The Senban!

From Shuriken: After designing a chunky flat rim yoyo, JUJI, we decided to go for a pocketable throw as our next design. The first prototype was undersized with a diameter of 48mm and width of 38mm. We were not satisfied with it because it was very unstable and played like a rock on the string. We revised the design and increased the diameter to give a higher moment of inertia to the design. The larger diameter gives it more spin power and a lighter feel on string. After all tweaks and changes, we not have the Senban.

The Senban is a slimline unresponsive yo-yo designed to be a fun and pocketable option for those who needs a nice everyday carry! With a 37mm width, it fits in your pocket perfectly and you can work on your control and precision for modern tricks with it. While staying under 60g, Senban has sufficient rim weight for decent spin power by taking advantage of the strength of 7068 aluminium alloy.

The name ‘Senban’ comes from the Senban Shuriken (せんばん手裏剣) which is a four-pointed ninja star commonly used by Togakure-ryū (戸隠流) ninjutsu users. A logo of Senban Shuriken is engraved on the outer rim on the yo-yo.

Releasing Tonight - Monday 10/4 @ 8PM EDT.


I couldn’t resist. I have a red one on order…


Thank you!:raised_hands:


Such a great yoyo, powerful, slim, here’s a quick unboxing video where you can see how deep the red and the blue colorways are


I have already received my red Shuriken Senban from YYE! It has only been a couple of days. Great service!

It is beautiful. Now I’m off to give it a workout.

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