When do you change premium strings?

I was using yye poly strings but recently decided to give dragon strings a try (also have some toxic strings). They turned from white to grey after breaking in and are very different from the other strings I have used and I am not sure when i should switch them out for fresh ones. What behavior or appearance should I be looking for?

i would change it when it starts to get frayed, it turned gray because of the gresse in the bearing which happens when it gets broken in

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I’m not sure how dragon strings are, but I’ve used toxic a bit. I used the same string a while after it started getting discoloured a frayed, and it didn’t break. probably a good 2 days or so. It’s really up to you though. if you feel like it’s not playing how you want it to, or you just have a feeling that you should change it, then change it. string is cheap. dings are forever.

for me it’s basically when it starts fraying or when you just feel like it needs to be changed.

When it starts getting tightly twisted(~a month to 2 months for my string)

When it gets overly frayed (~1 hour Stock string)

Lol, change it when it wears out, and the color is grey then.

I use kitty string and when it just loses all its bounce and starts to get thin and frayed. so around once every week.

The grey is mostly from natural oils and dirt or whatever on your hands. To test this you can run a dry cleaned bearing and see the same results. Some strings seem to dull eaiser. Not that it’s really necessary, but washing your hands before playing will reduce this of course.

The dragon string is a bit different from others. It tightens and gains elasticity over time, if it starts to fray is when you should replace it, but don’t worry about it getting gray.

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They also benefit from running through a wash/dry cycle.

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Ive been using kitty Nylon, and its been lasting around 12 days with daily play of 2-4 hrs.

I just finished a review of the kitty strings. I think they’re impressive for a bulk string at that price.


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