When Butterflies Attack AKA Imperialistical Tendencies AKA Most Valorable Player


Hey Gang,

Just got my Valor yesterday and put together a little somethin’ somethin’ with it. Nothing serious or groundbreaking. Just some middle aged dude huckin tethered gyroscopes. There’s also a bit of fixed axle, A Minus (no spin), and general tom foolery.

YoYos: Onedrop Valor, TMBR Turner, Duncan Imperial, Duncan Butterfly
Artist/Song: Yma Sumac / Mambo remix

Let me know if you want a tutorial of anything.  :slight_smile:


youve got some awesome slacks. any tips for getting better with them? i cant seem to catch the yoyo back on the string when i try slacks



Being that I can’t see what is generally happening when you try it, I’m not really sure how to troubleshoot so I will speak on general terms.

This mainly applies when you have landed the trick and understand the mechanics of the trick already but you are trying to become consistent. Consistency generally comes from repetition.

That said, I land tricks that require the most accuracy by making sure that I’m not focusing too hard on aiming. I also find tricks generally much easier to land if I have a certain momentum or rhythm going. Kind of like in basketball where you see the guy dribble a couple times before he takes the free throw shots. Another problem you might be having is committing to the trick. Your body tenses up because you are waiting for that knuckle smash to happen. Firmly establish the motions in your mind, and then commit to completing those motions no matter what when you go to execute those motions. See it happen before you do it.

I don’t know if that will help in any way. :smiley:


Great video! I want tutorials for all of it except the ones I know. The ones I know are the stalls you did with the Imperial and the two misses at the end ;).


When you master the 3 misses at the end, you will have everything you need to then follow my 2 secret steps to success.

Step one: Huck yoyo
Step two: Win